"The power of a strong professional image proves itself again and again...I’ve seen it for thousands of people, and I’ve seen it for myself." Read more.

Every person is unique; and every unique person is capable of having an image that helps them achieve their career, business and life goals. At Corner Office Image, our goal is to help you craft an authentic image that aligns with your goals.

WE ARE ALL WALKING MESSAGES. In less than 30 seconds of seeing us, people make immediate visual judgments. It may seem unfair, but it’s unavoidable. By understanding how this works, we can use it to our advantage in the most authentic way possible.

THIS ISN'T JUST ABOUT CLOTHES. Clothing is one of the first ways we communicate with people and the clothing choices we make are critical. Working with us is very different than simply working with a stylist or personal shopper. Those roles are often solely focused on clothes and fashion—we’re not. We are focused on you and your goals ensuring that your clothing choices command the attention you truly desire.

IT'S ABOUT PROPELLING YOU FORWARD. Your confident, authentic image helps you increase credibility, land job opportunities, secure promotions, and attract venture capital and partnerships.

WHY SHOULD YOU WORK WITH CORNER OFFICE IMAGE? Driven by passion and deeply experienced, we will help you define your own personal brand that is true to who you are—and teach you the tools to present yourself authentically so you can meet your goals. Plus, the process will be fun, informative and transformative.

IS YOUR IMAGE SHOWING YOU OFF? Your image can help you build the career or business you want. We’d love to discover the real you, and help you craft an image that communicates clearly—and supports your hopes, goals and aspirations.

I was born a country girl... But I’ve always been a city girl at heart.

I grew up in a small town located deep inside Appalachia. I didn’t have neighbors for miles. I was surrounded by cattle (which terrified me)— but I yearned to be surrounded by city lights.

I dreamed of my escape. Instinctually, I always knew that the way I looked could change my life. On my upcoming school trip to D.C., I would launch my grand plan. I would step off that bus the person I was meant to be: a sophisticated city girl! After careful planning, shopping and lots of Aqua Net, the day arrived. I stepped on the bus, feeling like myself for the first time. It was incredible. Sadly, it was short-lived. I had to board the bus back to middle school.

Eventually, freedom came. Off to D.C. I went again—this time for my first professional job. I dressed the best I could. I wore suits (emulating the successful women of the 90s). As an intriguing result, I discovered that despite my youth and inexperience, I had tremendous credibility. Opportunities were presented, and I moved up the ladder.

In the city, moving up in my career—I was finally becoming the real me. And it felt wonderful.

In California many years later, I became the Executive Director of Wardrobe for Opportunity. They provide professional attire for men and women who have significant barriers to career success—and they offer programs to ensure those clients get jobs, keep them and build careers. Each day, I saw the power of image at play. Inspired by the potential of this work, I attended the London Image Institute to further my skills and training and launched Corner Office Image in 2013.

The power of a strong professional image proves itself again and again—not only in an individual’s career achievement—but in the betterment of lives. I’ve seen it for thousands of people, and I’ve seen it for myself.

What are your goals? I’ll help you get there with an image that feels authentic, easy and just right. There’s just one regulation: If the authentic you loves cow-print—I might need to object.