OUR ONE-ON-ONE SERVICES—AND OUR WORKSHOPS—ARE COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. Whether you're an individual, a company, or a group, our services will help ensure that your image is not a barrier, but rather, a helper. Let's talk about how we can help you.
Are you an executive, business person or entrepreneur who wants to empower your personal image? You are your own individual brand. Our programs will help you find it, refine it, and show it off. You’ll feel confident, authentic and unstoppable.
  • Instant Upgrade. Feeling stuck or held back in your career? Need a tune-up before a job interview or big meeting? Try our Instant Upgrade Package! A three-session intensive to get you feeling and looking like the true professional you are.
  • Professional Reinvention. "You 2.0." If you’re stuck on the middle rungs of the success ladder, it may be time for our Professional Reinvention Program. In this intensive 4-month program we tap into your unique brand and leverage it to your advantage.
  • Premiere Executive Presence. The ultimate experience for those on top that want to stay there. A full 9-month program with up to 18 hours of personal coaching. The Premiere Executive Presence Program has elements of the other packages, but dives much deeper to include presentation coaching, establishing brand values, and effective image management.
Want to make sure your employees’ images align with your company’s goals? We offer workshops for groups or consulting for individual employees. Workshops include:
  • Be the Brand. Your employees will learn how to empower their personal images while powerfully supporting your company’s goals.
  • Polished Presentations Coaching. Anybody in leadership has to be able to give a great presentation. This workshop will ensure it.
  • Business Etiquette. From online to in-person communication, this workshop teaches employees how to keep things professional but still authentic.
  • Nonverbal know-how. Colors, eye contact, body language and clothing all send certain messages. Employees will learn how to send positive nonverbal cues.
Whether you’re a college, group or nonprofit, we provide engaging, entertaining and informative workshops to help inspire your students or members with tactical tips, ideas and information on creating strong professional images. Workshops include:
  • Being Authentic (Even in a World of Rules). Having a career or growing your business often means entering and navigating a world full of rules. Some are spoken—some are unspoken. Most have value in some form. We will help you have confidence around these rules and embody them in a way that doesn’t feel false in any way. A rule is loose, authenticity is specific and personal.
  • What’s the Deal with Dress Codes? Why and how do dress codes operate—and what does this mean for individuals? This workshop will show your group.
  • Be the Author of your Story. This workshop will help your members define their own personal images in a way that aligns with their goals.